Valery Uvarov

St Petersburg, Russia, October 2007 Dr Valery Uvarov is the head of the Department of UFO Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National Security Academy of Russia, and has devoted more than 15 years to ufology as well as to the study of the legacy of ancient civilizations. Valery speaks excellent English and is well-known […]

The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen

Thought this was very relevant; I have been getting a message from TLO (The Lighted Ones) over the past few days about an accelerated ascension timeline for September. It’s odd, because for the past few weeks, I have been trying to peer into September to see what’s up energetically so I could prepare my Energy […]

Transformation – Lecture by Mary Rodwell

Transformation – Lecture by Mary Rodwell Mary will explore how Ufology has needed to expand its mandate to accept the evidence of multidimensionality as part of close encounters. Mary will also discuss the Foundation for the Research into Extra-terrestrial Encounters (FREE) survey results. Cases of ET Encounters and how the multi-dimensional nature of contact has […]

ET Leader’s Mission to Help the Earth Alba Weinman

Dolores Cannon QHHT session by Alba Weinman In this past life regression which was facilitated by Alba Weinman, this client finds herself as a woman that is being acknowledged for helping others with her knowledge. She is a walk-in, a soul who enters a dying person’s body to fulfill her mission on Earth.

The Secret Space Program revelations of Corey Goode

Michael Salla talks about whistleblower Corey Goode, on the secret space programs, and encounters with “non-terrestrials.” He was recruited at a young age-During this time (1976-1986/87) he says he came into direct contact with different extraterrestrial groups and alliances. Salla has found that Goode’s revelations concur with others who claim to have worked for secret […]


On August 9, 2016, Corey Goode and David Wilcock discussed new video testimony of Clifford Stone regarding his 22 year military career in a highly classified program involving  UFO crash recoveries and extraterrestrial communications. The Cosmic Disclosure episode featured a recently recorded video interview with Stone that discussed how he was recruited into the covert […]